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Collection of 1/32nd Ferraris

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I have been extremely fortunate in having been generously given a collection of 1/32nd scale Ferrari slot cars.

There are 47 cars in the collection and each one has been sprayed with the same Ferrari red paint and silver painted headlight covers. Even the drivers have been identically painted! Some are Scalextric or other production cars; some are 'kit-bashed' and some are scratchbuilt.

Some pictures of the entire collection, more-or-less grouped by type:-

I need help to indentify some of them, please!

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QUOTE I am intrigued by #36 in the top set of pictures, the only one I can't recognise, any chance a chassis picture.

Circuit 24 Panhard disguised as a Ferrari perhaps?

Great collection, I wish someone would give me their collection of Ferrari's..... Joel


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