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Collection of 1/32nd Ferraris

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I have been extremely fortunate in having been generously given a collection of 1/32nd scale Ferrari slot cars.

There are 47 cars in the collection and each one has been sprayed with the same Ferrari red paint and silver painted headlight covers. Even the drivers have been identically painted! Some are Scalextric or other production cars; some are 'kit-bashed' and some are scratchbuilt.

Some pictures of the entire collection, more-or-less grouped by type:-

I need help to indentify some of them, please!

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Well here is the list so far, still a couple of unknowns.

Actually, it would be nice to know who built them.

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#35 indeed looks like a Monogram body, but, definitely NOT a Monogram chassis gear or motor.

If the body is Monogram, it should have raised printing behind the rear body mounts saying:

" C 1964"

The C being the Copywrite Logo thingamy.

My guess for the chassis would be Riko.
Congrats and thanks for the list, Joel.
If no. 26 is a Super Shells body (with small modifications as suggested by Ted and Joel), it might be better described as a 1963 250P. That's what it's called in a Super Shells leaflet. I know the 275P body was basically the same, and some of the 1:1 275Ps were apparently re-engined 250Ps.
As far as I know, the Super Shells bodies were all two-part, with the floor pan coming up between the wheels. This car has no floor pan, so ideally the builder would have added something between the wheels. The sides aren't visible in the photos, and the bottom edges look tidy, but there may be signs of "panelwork" on the model. The rear body mounts do look right for the Super Shells car.
No. 35 has been identified as a Monogram 1964 GTO. I don't know the body but just mention that the chassis looks like a Riko, not the Monogram.
Likewise, no. 89, identified as an Eldon 250LM, appears to have a Riko GXL chassis with the front body mount bent almost flat.
Rob J
Absolutely superb!!!!

This Ferrari fanatic has the green eyed monster growing

Thanks for sharing Russell!!!
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Wow, Joel.... That is impressive.... Thank you so much!

Thanks again for your input, Ted.

Have to rush off the catch a plane but will get back to you in a couple of days to fill in the gaps.

With kind regards,

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