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Collection storage and display ideas

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Some of us have massive collections but as a result have problems displaying the collection properly.

Do you prefer to keep the cars in the case or display the car on a plinth or some other form of home made stand?

What about cleaning and dusting?

Do you make display furniture or do you purchase it?

What about lighting?

What about storage when items are not on display?

How do you rotate your display and do you have display themes?

I genuinely have problems because my display areas are overflowing. This can make it look a bit untidy. How best is it to make your cars look their best?

I attempt to display everything. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any ideas would be welcome and I am confident that others here have similar problems to me!

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Mine are not displayed in the best environment but all are easy access and all can be seen. Open fronted cabinet with 6 shelves split down the middle making 12 compartments (care of Ikea).

95% are not in boxes and are placed on a bit of track in groups within the cabinet e.g all rally together, classics, GT etc. Two of the cars displayed are in boxes just cause they look good that way: my 512S Coda Lunga and a Jag XK120. I have 9 other MIB that I intend to sell and they are not on show.

On top of my cabinet I display my 'treasures'. These include a few non-slot related things, some browsing material for others (Mas Slot, Borchures etc.) and my fav oogling cars. These are currently my Ferrari 550 Marenello and the Scaly TVR T400Rs.

Don't bother dusting they don't hang around long enough to gather it.

Once collection grows more I will remove cars from their track plinths and I should be able to get load more cars quite happily displayed. Only real drawback is lighting and when if I could be bothered I would sort that out.

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