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Collection storage and display ideas

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Some of us have massive collections but as a result have problems displaying the collection properly.

Do you prefer to keep the cars in the case or display the car on a plinth or some other form of home made stand?

What about cleaning and dusting?

Do you make display furniture or do you purchase it?

What about lighting?

What about storage when items are not on display?

How do you rotate your display and do you have display themes?

I genuinely have problems because my display areas are overflowing. This can make it look a bit untidy. How best is it to make your cars look their best?

I attempt to display everything. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any ideas would be welcome and I am confident that others here have similar problems to me!

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To display my cars, I have made a stand with slide-out shelves.

I don't have to do any cleaning because nearly all the cars get to run regurlarly on the track. There's no particular lighting in this self-made stand. It is on wheels so I can put it where it's more convenient.

The problem I have right now is that the stand is getting too small for my collection. Guess I'll have to make another one.

The crystal cases are in boxes under the track.

On the picture above, there's one car of each type on the top shelf and the remaining cars are grouped on the bottom shelves.
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