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Collection storage and display ideas

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Some of us have massive collections but as a result have problems displaying the collection properly.

Do you prefer to keep the cars in the case or display the car on a plinth or some other form of home made stand?

What about cleaning and dusting?

Do you make display furniture or do you purchase it?

What about lighting?

What about storage when items are not on display?

How do you rotate your display and do you have display themes?

I genuinely have problems because my display areas are overflowing. This can make it look a bit untidy. How best is it to make your cars look their best?

I attempt to display everything. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any ideas would be welcome and I am confident that others here have similar problems to me!

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Swiss asked, "Should the wheels be kept off the ground to prevent flat spots ? or does it not matter."

Several of my cars had been inactive for awhile, and upon cranking up the MRRC 275P, I was surprised to see that not only did the rear tires have flat spots, but that they had melted! There were actual drops of oil on the case under the tires and the rubber had become very hard and brittle, as if the oil had leached out and separated from the rubber. I'm sure everyone has come across rock-hard tires on vintage cars but this was the first time I had seen tires of recent vintage deteriorate (evaporate?) before my eyes. The fronts were fine, and so far I have not noticed any of my other cars suffering from this affliction. Is this common to other brands too, or was it due to a particular formulation used by MRRC?

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Actually, the car was still in its crystal box, stacked in a cabinet, in a climate-controlled room. I haven't noticed tires from other cars behaving the same way, so maybe it was just the MRRC rubber formulation. Interesting observaton about porous surfaces degrading tires though.

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