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Collection storage and display ideas

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Some of us have massive collections but as a result have problems displaying the collection properly.

Do you prefer to keep the cars in the case or display the car on a plinth or some other form of home made stand?

What about cleaning and dusting?

Do you make display furniture or do you purchase it?

What about lighting?

What about storage when items are not on display?

How do you rotate your display and do you have display themes?

I genuinely have problems because my display areas are overflowing. This can make it look a bit untidy. How best is it to make your cars look their best?

I attempt to display everything. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any ideas would be welcome and I am confident that others here have similar problems to me!

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Tyres on some older Fly cars were prone to actually cracking over short periods of time.
I have a 512S exhibiting this problem on all four of them.
The cracks run zig-zag across the tread.

Tyres in general:
Most 'rubber' formulations are affected by oxygen, ozone, sun light (ultra-violet does the damage) and temperature, to some degree. Some are much more susceptible than others. Silicones are among the least susceptible - almost invulnerable.

Unfortunately, the best bet is not to display the cars at all!
Best kept in a medium'low temperature, in the dark with little ventilation.
Some sun burn prevention lotions help keep the air away from the rubber and some of them actually filter out ultra violet light - both very helpful attributes.
QUOTE So what you are saying Tropi is that the best place to store cars is in the fridge.
Fridges are quite cold, rather than the medium/low temperature I suggested - too extreme for cars or tyres imho. So let's confirm that I didn't say that. Someone might though . . .

But the fridge is an excellent place to keep motors unexposed photographic film, and even to stick your superfluous traction mags on the door, where they really belong.
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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