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Collection storage and display ideas

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Some of us have massive collections but as a result have problems displaying the collection properly.

Do you prefer to keep the cars in the case or display the car on a plinth or some other form of home made stand?

What about cleaning and dusting?

Do you make display furniture or do you purchase it?

What about lighting?

What about storage when items are not on display?

How do you rotate your display and do you have display themes?

I genuinely have problems because my display areas are overflowing. This can make it look a bit untidy. How best is it to make your cars look their best?

I attempt to display everything. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any ideas would be welcome and I am confident that others here have similar problems to me!

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First you need to convince the wife that the spare room really should be yours!

I'm a little lucky, my company designs and produces exhibition stands and interiors world wide, so I have a number of great construction companies to make stuff for me.

My collection is housed in a number of MDF constructed display cabinets with glass shelves. The MDF is spray painted white and the glass shelves are toughened glass on small clip brackets. The fronts are sliding glass doors. Units are bolted to walls (heavy duty). The tops of the units have Ikea low voltage lights. 1200mm wide, 300mm deep, 800mm high (about 130mm between shelves)

Nice and neat. Only problem is the cars displayed at the top are viewed from the bottom - so I tend to put all the big stuff at the top - trucks, lorries, vans, 4x4 TT's etc.

The cars are displayed by make (Ford, Porsche etc.)

Cars are out of their boxes! - boxes in the loft!

From experience I also add a thin glass shelf to the bottom of the cabinets, the reason for this is so that the tyres do not stain/mark the paint.

No need to dust, because they are all enclosed!

Buildings, special track etc, is all housed in kitchen type cabinets under a worktop awaiting the build of my layout in the garage (when I get round to selling the MG!).

Main problem as always is space, i only have space for another two smaller cabinets and probably 150 more cars! - will probably thin out the collection in the near future.

Sad or what!
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Your note about your tyres is the reason I put glass on the bottom run.

Basically if your tyres are on a wood shelf (or another material that is porous) then the tyre will have it's oil/mositure sucked out.

Pop down to your local glass shop and get some cheap window glass cut to size (Watch the sharp edges!) pop this under the cars.

It will not stop the tyres going hard, but it does slow the process down.

Good luck
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