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Comments needed on routed track plans~

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OK, I've got routed fever.. I sorta got it after visiting Lufs page for the first time, but I kept it under control and continued to enjoy my Sport track. Well, then a fellow HOST member (nhdungeonracer) had to go and build a routed track so I had an opportunity to actually race on one. I knew in the first few minutes I'd be giving up the plastic, the magnets and the set radius curves just as soon as I possibly could :b

Over the summer we decided to sell our house and move closer to my we started looking at houses one of my priorities was a clean, dry basement where I could have a decent sized slot layout.. We ended up finding a great house with just such a basement.

I saved this picture last year as I thought this was what I wanted for a routed layout..I really like the elevation changes and the "vintage" look it has..

However, after driving that track in my head for (probably too) many laps, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted a dual purpose track like nhdungeonracer had built.. an oval and a roadcourse. I also want to race 1/24th as well as 1/32 so I decided to go with a 3 lane design so I would have enough room in the infield for racing and a functioning pit road.

Here's what I've come up with so far.. Turns 1 & 2 are squeezed slightly, 3 & 4 are not. I also did a squeeze at the hairpin and chicane.. This is my first rough draft so I'm looking for some comments on what you think is good and bad about the layout..

I'm considering the possibility of widening the oval part by a few inches and adding an outside lane that would not tun into the infield.. so when the oval is being used 4 people can race, but the roadcourse would only allow for 3.

Table is 20 feet by 6.5 feet
Oval is c. 45 feet, roadcourse c. 85 feet.


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The overpass is essential to even out lane length. Sure you are going to rotate lanes, but efforst should be made to equalize. Especially with a permanent layout.
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