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Commercial Raceway in Manchester in late 1960s

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I've also posted this in the Slot Archaeology thread but it may stand more chance of being seen, by Northern slot racers of a certain age, here.

I remember visiting a commercial raceway somewhere in Manchester in the late 1960s - probably the summer of 1968. I can't remember much about the venue, other than that it was in one of the less chic arrondissements of Cottonopolis, possibly Ancoats or Shude Hill. I think there was just one track, almost certainly an AMF Blue King, because I remember the useless steering wheel and gas pedal combo - and the fact that you needed to have a jack plug on your controller not a 3 pin plug.

So - does anyone else remember this Northern bastion of commercial slottery? If so, can you shed any more light on where it was and how long it lasted?

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Hi Chris,
Interesting stuff, thanks, have you remained in contact with Brian Badger?
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