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Commercial Raceway in Manchester in late 1960s

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I've also posted this in the Slot Archaeology thread but it may stand more chance of being seen, by Northern slot racers of a certain age, here.

I remember visiting a commercial raceway somewhere in Manchester in the late 1960s - probably the summer of 1968. I can't remember much about the venue, other than that it was in one of the less chic arrondissements of Cottonopolis, possibly Ancoats or Shude Hill. I think there was just one track, almost certainly an AMF Blue King, because I remember the useless steering wheel and gas pedal combo - and the fact that you needed to have a jack plug on your controller not a 3 pin plug.

So - does anyone else remember this Northern bastion of commercial slottery? If so, can you shed any more light on where it was and how long it lasted?

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Hi Chris
very interesting story and one that had passed me by
however re some of oyur requests I believe that robon whitmarsh has washed up in poole
Last time I checked dick smith was arranging a meeing with him but whether they have met yet i dont know
I,ll be seeing dick next weekend so I,ll ask him

cheers tony

Ps have you resored that nationals winning auto union yet and if so whar about some piccy s?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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