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Complete Resin Casting Starter Kit

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Hello All.

A quick request into purchasing a resin casting starter kit? I have looked on Google where I found this great link any ideas where to obtain a similar kit over here?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Jamie

I get all my casting materials from Alec Tiranti Ltd. Their website is, email [email protected]
I've been getting stuff from them for my professional work for twenty-odd years. Give them a try.

Best of luck!
Sorry to disappoint, but I havn't actually done a whole slotcar casting. I use the RTV silicon rubber for all sorts of applications in my everyday work- there are lots of variations in curing time and durability depending on the particular type of catalyst you get. Some catalysts give a very flexible mould that is great when there are deep undercuts involved, but they tend to embrittle and are not so good for multiple use. For castings I use various grades of plaster. Not good for slot car shells.
But I have found Tirantis to be very helpful- they publish a lot of technical guides. So if you phone up and give specifications of what you want, you'll probably get the right advice. You just need a high impact strength resin that will take good surface detail.

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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