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compre NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 vs Eacer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor

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I would be interested to hear your thoughts if any performance differences / preferences between NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 and Racer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor
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Compared to each other: according to the manufacturers' data, they are identical in power: 17,000 RPM and 245 torque = 10.4W. But we all know that manufacturers' data are notoriously inaccurate. I do not have either of these motors so I cannot comment on a "real world" comparison. However, I would not expect them to be significantly different.

Compared to other motors: you have not mentioned your intended use. Small home track vs. long club track, tight, technical vs long flowing, magnet vs no magnet: all of these make a big difference. IN GENERAL I do not agree with the "they are slow" opinion. For instance: they develop more power than an NSR 20k or even 22k Shark short can. Is that too little? I personally do not think so. Obviously a lot less power than a NSR King 21.4 (around 18W). FWIW having driven hundreds of proxy cars over many years I consider an 18W long can motor to be vastly overpowered at 11V on wood: cars with massive power like that have proven to never do well in North American non-magnet proxies, to such an extent you pretty much do not see them any more. For speed and drivability, short cans around 25K - 28K and 150 - 200 torque (around 11 to 14W max) seem to be the sweet spot. The two motors you ask about are not far from that.

My opinion? For home or club use on a average size wood track either of the two motors would work well. VERY well.

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