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compre NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 vs Eacer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor

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I would be interested to hear your thoughts if any performance differences / preferences between NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 and Racer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor
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The text under your forum handle, on the old forum software, was a field (I forgot what it was called) that was pre-populated by the forum software with various "status" levels based entirely on post count, and nothing else. At some point, either due to post count, or SlotForum+ status, users were able to change that setting through their account preferences/settings. I changed mine to my name. Apparently, since the forum "upgrade", the ability to change that setting is no longer available, at least not to the common users. At this point, we're stuck with whatever the last thing we set it to, I guess.

The signature text can still be changed, and one of the people in this thread felt it was a good idea to put "Slot God" in his/her signature, which would be entirely voluntary and editable, should s/he decide to change it.
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