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compre NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 vs Eacer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor

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I would be interested to hear your thoughts if any performance differences / preferences between NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 and Racer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor
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Thanks for the question, TerryH.
When I had a small, and I mean small (4’ x 8’), routed track, NSR and ScaleAuto anglewinder cars with stock motors and gearing were undrivable. Just too much power, so I switched to Baby Kings and Jaws 17.5K motors. Quite a revalation. The cars became drivable and fun.
I stepped up to a Carrera track with a 19’ 2” straight and broad curves; a “horsepower” track. I began to kick myself for selling off the original motors until I got a lap timer. The lower RPM motored cars turned lap times just a bit slower that the higher RPM cars. The difference was in smoothness. The LRPM cars are downright smooth to drive while the HRPM cars always seem to be on the ragged edge. In longer runs, the smoothness won.
I’m amazed at all the guys that run the 21K motors on 9-10 volts. I presume they do this to make the cars slower and more controllable. I prefer to run on 12 volts. It comes close to a BOP. LRPM cars can run with stock Scalextric and Fly cars and not obliterate them. Heck, some clubs run LRPM cars on 10 volts.
Sorry, I’m not a Slot God or Slot King, just a Basement Dweller looking to have fun. And I really don’t appreciate condescension. One can have a different opinion without being insolent.
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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