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compre NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 vs Eacer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor

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I would be interested to hear your thoughts if any performance differences / preferences between NSR 3024 BABY King Evo 3 and Racer Sideways SWM/BBRAPTOR - Baby Raptor Motor
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To get back on topic: Why use a long can with less rpm and more torque than a S-can motor, or as In many cases why AW vs SW?

Several reasons: such as magnetic motor downforce on plastic track and heavy braking/acceleration on twisty tracks.

What about gearing? by re-gearing you could equalise any motor, right? In theory yes, in real life not that simple because there are unknowns (factors).

By re-gearing you can in theory match top speed by re-gearing. Acceleration and braking not that simple, because the different style of motors have a different style of behavior (or power/brake curve), that interact differently with different controllers or controller settings and the amount of available gear ratios are limited.
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