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QUOTE (Ecurie Martini @ 8 May 2005, 22:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One of the issues with switching power supplies (all computer supplies are in this category) as opposed to linear (transformer operated) supplies is that switching supplies often expect and need some minimum current draw to maintain regulation. You might be able to "trick" one into behaving correctly by putting a permanent resistor, e.g. 120 ohm, 5 watts, across the 12V leads. this will pull 100 ma and should kick the supply into the regulated region.

Is that only for the ATX powersupplies or also for the old AT ones.
For me it worked perfectly, but maybe I was just lucky.
I assumed that the regulation and filtering for the 12 Volts is so much better because its designed for Computer devices. With the one I used i couldn´t measure any fluctuation. And its plenty of power.
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