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Great stories guys!

Rocky, when you get your broadcast power developed, let me know how it works! (by the way, it's a crime you don't write down all these stories in more complete form - sounds like you have about the most complete personal history of slot racing from 1960 to present in the USA).

(by the way, I just saw The Great Race the other night on French TV - what an awful movie! and I don't think it was just the French dubbing either....)

On the guide question, Cox also came out with one in ca 65 that had a sort of "log" on the bottom, to stay in the slot better... and one other RTR manufacturer, maybe Rannalli, also had a wedge-shaped guide for the same purpose. Neither of these seemed to catch on, among other reasons because the slots weren't routed all that carefully and there were always narrow spots where they hung up.

Can't think of any personal "pushing the envelope" stories offhand, but I like one I heard about an R/C race with handout motors: a couple of the guys took these to their hotel rooms, or a back room, grabbed the shaft with heavy pliers and shot a few volts through to advance the timing! Don't know this personally, and maybe it's even a shaggy-dog story - there's probably a lot of those floating around too!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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