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QUOTE In `55 he drove a Healey... If it wasn't for Mike Hawthorne braking hard after overshooting his pits, it might not have been the "geezer's last LeMans ride.... and Mercedes last LeMansfor about 30 some years


Not too sure about the accuracy of that statement
. Levegh was driving a Mercedes which ultimatley ran into the back of a Healey driven by Lance Macklin which had turned into his path while Levegh was at full speed causing the tragedy.

I would say the Le mans circuit/race at that time was a ticking bomb with cars rapidly becoming far too fast for some parts of the circuit especially the pit area to remain relatively safe. There was no 'deceleration lane' at that time for the pits and although I agree Hawthorn was involved in the chain reaction of events that led to the tragedy don't think all the blame should lie with him.

That's my twopenny's worth
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