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Scenario 1: Correct.
Scenario 2: No brakes at all. Because the car is chipped with an SSD chip, it is not receiving a "hit the brakes!" signal, and simply coasts when power is removed.
Scenario 3: Correct. The chip is receiving the signal to brake as indicated by the settings in the base.
Scenario 4: Correct. The base is responsible for the braking action that an "old school" analog controller would normally perform.
Scenario 5: No brakes, just like a digital car on any other analog track. The car still never gets the special "brakes!" command because there is no digital control signal.

So, when running digital cars, use digital mode. If you want to run a digital car along side an analog one, pull the chip if it's DPR. When running analog cars, use analog mode. In both of those cases, you can have the brakes work how you want, which is the same as I like: brakes when you release the throttle, and yellow flag when you press the large button.

I hope that helped, and welcome to SlotForum, and back to slots!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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