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conical pinion and gear set up

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the new black arrow car has a conical pinion and gear set up. is it like the old brass setups or is it to get perfect gear mesh with a normal toothed crown gear. or move it off centre. is there an advantage over the old brass setups, where you have a lot of contact area. john
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QUOTE (martini917k @ 21 Aug 2012, 14:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Please learn the difference between a comma & an apostrophe; comma's look like this, & are on the bottom row of keys, next to the "m" on a "qwerty" keyboard.
The apostrophe is next to the "enter" key, & has very different uses.
It may be confusing because they look similar, but they are very different in application & it is very confusing to read your posts when you use one for the other.
Thank You.

Martini - we are here to talk about slot cars, not nit pick grammar.
But while you are in your glass house...comma's denotes the possessive of comma. (i.e. comma's usage, the usage of a comma).
the plural of comma is commas.

Now, back to gear teeth,

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John, if by offset, you mean the shaft of the pinion is not on the same plane as the shaft of the crownwheel - not intersecting, then you will need hypoid gears. Straight cut gears, conical or not, would not mesh.
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