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conical pinion and gear set up

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the new black arrow car has a conical pinion and gear set up. is it like the old brass setups or is it to get perfect gear mesh with a normal toothed crown gear. or move it off centre. is there an advantage over the old brass setups, where you have a lot of contact area. john
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Hi john.
The idea has been around a long time!
They appear to be using a conical pinion, with a conventional looking crown gear. The theory is; You can perfect the mesh by simply moving the pinion up or down the motor shaft. Its another way of getting around the various TPI that the plastic Slot car makers use with their gears. The most popular way to acheive this, with inline set ups is the Crown gear and motor shaft spigot being 2 parts, as per the latest Scaleauto offerings and MB Slot have been making there crowns this way for a while.
Going back a few years, Ninco did a similar thing with its first series Pro Race A/Winder gears, a conical shape pinion was supplied with each gear set.
Regards Bill.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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