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conical pinion and gear set up

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the new black arrow car has a conical pinion and gear set up. is it like the old brass setups or is it to get perfect gear mesh with a normal toothed crown gear. or move it off centre. is there an advantage over the old brass setups, where you have a lot of contact area. john
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QUOTE but i,ll tell you what doesn,t match, an 8t 48p pinion to a 50t 50m pitch sidewinder gear as i tried that combo with a 46000rpm king motor in a carrera 1/24 hot rod. john
Hi John,
That would depend entirely on which brands and combinations of gear you are using.
I have used various combinations of these many times with sucess.
QUOTE (Isetta @ 21 Aug 2012, 13:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Martini - we are here to talk about slot cars, not nit pick grammar.
But while you are in your glass house...comma's denotes the possessive of comma. (i.e. comma's usage, the usage of a comma).
the plural of comma is commas.

Now, back to gear teeth,


Disagree, Martini has a right to "nit pik". Posts written in that manner are a joke.!!!
hy Mick, i didn,t understand about pitches on gears like i do now, i just assumed it was standard 48p not the metric gear which was on it. it had a tight spot then seemed to jump a tooth. it was just an 8t pinion[brass] that i,d taken of another car. i,m interesteded in what make of 48p pinion 10t will mesh with a 37t metric gear[like scale auto ect] i,d gues it will be a 5.5 slot it. thanks in advance. wrong again fw14. you can read the question so why not try answering it, no matter how much the grammer gets on your nerves. john
Not wrong at all. I, like others, find your posts laughable and pig ignorant. I have seen the odd post where you have bothered with some punctuation and grammar so it seems that you are not as poorly educated as you like to make out. Generally your posts are so poorly written that they border on the unintelligible.
sory I must agree with fw14b theres relly no scuse four porn grama puncteway'shun or spellig
whatever!. if you can read my post, at least i hope i provide intelligent usefull information. i dont moan about minor irritating things. which is all you seem to do. you seem to dislike me intensly and i loathe to get in posts when i see your handle come up. but some how whenever i post, guess who posts next.john
But it isn't "minor"!!!
The English language is already decimated by "text speak" which, incidentally is frowned upon on this forum, so we don't need your posts, which may be quite informative, decimating it even more.
If you are intelligent enough to use a computer then you are intelligent enough to be literate.
Stop being lazy or get off the forum.
For the record , I don't loathe you as I don't know you but I do loathe the way you attempt to post.
Hy Mick, I,m still interested in the metric match. Lets put it to bed now FW14b. john
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