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Hoping to get a little help here. I have been away from the hobby for a while and just got all my SSD back out and setting it up in the garage again.

The issue is I purchased a Slot-it SCP1 digital controller and am not quite sure how you would go ablot connecting it to PB-Pro with a after market power supply. The cables that came with it require the scalextric power supply plug into it and then it plugs in to the powerbase. Whereas the power connection I have is a terminal block.

Can someone please post either post pics or a wiring diagram on how this should be done.

I assume to use more than one of these controllers they would daisy chain? Can some confirm please.

Thanks in advance.


· Greg Gaub
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If you still have an old Scaley PSU, just use that. Yes, they daisy chain for more than one.
I set up power connectors at my driver stations. Just find the right size barrel jack, and wire your big PSU to it with the positive on the core, and negative on the sleeve. I was also able to make a simple 9v battery connector using the jack off of one of the spare power connectors and a 9v battery connector. Red to red and black to black, and it worked fine.
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