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Connecticut guy

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Hello. I have been participating in the Slot Cars Illustrated forum for a year and a month, now, and decided to branch out. This forum got my attention because of the erudition of the posters.

I started slot racing in 1963, when scratch and kit building was the only way. Racing was on a Scalextric hard rubber four laner, 84 feet around, and a big hobby shop track of routed particle board, with a twenty foot straight, and flat curves. Fell in love with GT cars of the early to mid sixties, which love has never died. Formed a club, raced through the summer of '65, and off and on through '66, with Aintree rules (unlimited mechanicals, my favorite way to race). "Box-Stock" was unheard of. Soon the commercial tracks introduced an element of non-scaleism (tiny tires, non scale bodies, then glue and wings) that turned me away, plus my friends stopped racing. Spent the next few decades setting up the occasional floor track, and buying old parts and cars for next to nothing. Always built models, it is in my blood: cars, trucks, aircraft, WWII armor, model railroading (HO and O scale). Rejoined slot car racing June '03, when nephew Dave (13DaveK) decided to take up the hobby; thought I would spend a few days setting up a Revell sectional track, but have not passed one day without slot car activity since then. I have built several cars, with relative performance matching their prototypes, using those old parts I accumulated, and I keep buying more parts. Built one routed track so far, a 22' three laner, and maintain a 49' Revell two lane track in the basement. I never race with magnets, and try to use scale size tires. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.
--- Robert Livingston
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A very warm welcome Robert,

but who you're calling erudite ??

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Welcome Robert.

Well, the effort of getting onto the forum was worth it, for us at least. We welcome your experience and talent. You will fine a bunch of your colleagues in the scratch building section, but look around and see what's here. Look at the Resources, Reviews, Columns and Links sections. Please feel free to contribute if you feel like it.
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Hi, welcome.

I'd like to see some photos of your routed track if possible, sounds good

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Welcome Robert! Great to hear your story...I hope to see pictures and hear some reports from your projects


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Hi Robert

Welcome to the Forum.

I have read and enjoyed many of your post on SCI, and I'm sure you will enjoy the contributions of like-minded individuals on here.


Great to have you here, Robert!

Anyone who knows how to pick up a soldering iron, dislikes magnet-traction and can glue bits together with erudite is fine by me!

Love to see some pictures!

Kind regards

Welcome Robert - I'm wondering if we have corresponded before on another forum or a DL. I raced in Connecticut in the '60 - '62 time frame with a couple of guys in the Bridgeport area ( I was a graduate student in New Haven at the time). One of the chaps was a Fred Parker (I can't recall the other). They had been rail racers and were trying to find an alternative to their first attempt at a conversion to slots - with the MRRC zinc sprayed hardboard track!

Welcome Robert, I love seeing the scratch built car pictures.

Best wishes,

Thanks, guys, your warm welcome is indeed appreciated.

I did not know Fred Parker but heard the name in those long ago days. I recall seeing a pic of his Scalex hard rubber track.

Digital camera work is expected around here soon, so I will have to clean up those solderblobs (I heard you can use erudite for that).

My routed track is called San Francisco (SF) Grand Prix, and is shown on the Slot Car Illustrated forum in the Routed Track section. I did the routing, using a spline guide, and the wiring. Nephew Dave is doing a surpassing fine job scratch building the buildings and scenery; it is his track.
Oh man lost another one to Ditech! (U. S. Joke) Now that you're here I'm sure we'll see a lot less of you on SCI.
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I dunno nothin' 'bout no erudition, but we are happy ta say "hello"
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That Erudite stuff got me stressed last night; trying to stick Jean Alesi's rear on again. I could find the resin tube but the hardener had done a runner.


[Mumbled voices off stage left]

What's that you say? Erudite? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, using Araldite to stick the Tyrrel together.

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