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It has been a while I haven't post in this forum, but I had to put aside my slot car addiction for several months due to a new appartement and the arrival of a baby! But I am now back in slot car business, and I've just got for Christmas a brand new SSD set.
I'd like to connect my laptop to the SSD Powerbase. The idea behind this is automating cars on my track with my laptop, a kind of Challenger system. I have read that Carrera Pro-X comes with a "ghost car" built-in capability and I have been a bit disappointed not to see this in the SSD system. I am pretty sure that can be done as well on the SSD. I would expect Scalex to release a Digital Challenger system using the Power Base auxilliary socket, but I don't want to wait for this!

Would it be possible to build a simple RS232/Jack cable to connect a PC to the PowerBase?
What are your thoughts for enabling that? Cheers.

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