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I thought it was about time I posted something on here.
Last year I decided after doing a job for Hornby (paid me with a with a Scalextric set) I started buying loads of track and cars and after a simple discussion with the wife decided to use our conservatory for a semi permanent track.
I lashed up a few bits of board and ended up with this.

From October until March this room is little used as its bloody freezing, during the summer it can get up to 40degC so it had to go as the track starts to expand!

This year I decided to build a better base and also converted to digital. Obviously stretching the base a little bit was on the cards to get more in.
All raised sections were a little better engineered.

Here's a little pictorial

Used the table to my advantage - even designed it to incorporate / hide the chairs under the board.

A little trial.

Bought a pitlane - this requires some consideration if you want to make it work well / long!


Paint it black

Routed out some grooves and slotted in hardboard barriers. Gives me a little more room.

Pitlane entry.

Current status!

Lots of R2 and R3's, I like R1's and used to use loads, especially on the smaller 8x4; but as I tend to race 5 pacer cars I prefer the faster speed of it all.


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Cracking track you have mate, nice use of space & some good cars.

I have been paid for work with stock also, once got a Henry Hoover



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Looks great can I ask what you will do when it gets hot in the summer to avoid the track expanding. I only ask because my track is also in the conservatory at the moment and I'm not sure if I dare leave it in come the summer.
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