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contact cleaner for motors

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Any suggestions on what can cheaply, and easily, be purchased to clean the eletrical contacts of motors? i have heard that WD40 can be used, but would like further advice on this.

Any ideas?


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WD-40 is great for cleaning out gunked-up old motors - never would have thought of spraying this on a motor already in the car! It's also good for all kinds of general vintage chassis cleaning purposes.

For a contact cleaner, I just use something called "Speed Drops" from one of the major modern slot car manufacturers - excellent stuff. Not sure how this compares to the R/C cleaner, but imagine it's all related...

I wonder if the Excelerent isn't similar to what we call "Essence C" in France, used as a general cleaner of cars and wood tracks - pretty much just lighter fluid in US speak! (unless one of your chemists out there wants to give us a short course in the differences).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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