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Hi Coop.
As David has said, the later CSCRA classes are already close to 'modern', bringing them right up to date and using the same rules would be fine.
The issue would be tyres. On the vast majority of 'normal' slot racing club tracks (non BSCRA) you would be lucky indeed to build a model quicker than a well developed NSR or Slot It. Rubber tyres would mean a maximum of about 14 mm width for later Can Am models, and in some cases, you would get more problems from too much grip!
Super specialised hi Tech modern metal chassis are fantastic, particularly when used with sponges and goop on big fast BSCRA tracks, but in the main, even these chassis would struggle on smaller tighter tracks against modern plastic race chassis.
So...what would be the point??
Cheers Bill.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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