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We've just released the 2.04 version of the controller cartridge firmware.
It is a bugfix release: without dongle, and only without dongle, a forced resynch of the car to the controller link is triggered at timed intervals. The effect is a short but noticeable stuttering from time to time.
It affects all controllers with versions 2.00 to 2.03 when used without dongle.


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I have upgraded all my controllers without any problems except for one.

This controller is still version 2.01 or 2.02 ( I don't have the packaging sadly )

It's behaving differently to the normal controllers.
When I want to know which ID it is using by pressing the big round handbrake button, nothing happens.
But if I pull on the trigger fully and release, only then the information comes up normally.

It's a real problem because I find it impossible to upgrade it to 2.04. I have tried many times using different combinations but as the BOOTLOADER demands, you must start the procedure with the controller switched off.

I can not get the Handbrake button to work until I pull the trigger everytime i switch the controller on.

Any suggestions?? Is it hardware fault?

Thanks for your time.
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