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controller mods

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what modifications are there to do with a parma controller? what are these mysterious "black boxes" that i hear of? where can i find circuit diagrams?

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It's my guess that some sort of inductance is involve. Power (watts = volts x amps) can be chaneled in a couple of ways. A power supply will supply, 13 volts at 1 amp. Neither the motor or the power supply have the ability to change either of these demands when running direct.

An inductance or mini transformer with the aid of capacitors are able to step up the volts at the cost of amps. As we know, volts is mainly responsible for revs and amps is mainly responsible for torque in a DC motor, now, most modern RTR slot cars don't use the full amperage available to them ie. 300 to 500 milliamps on average. It is feasable to trade off some of the amps for extra volts via an inductance, therefore you can get better than supply volts at reduced amps!

You can achieve a greater voltage with a reduced current therefore giving your motor a VOLTS fix and a few more revs with out it crossing the current limit.

Power supply 13 volts at 1 amp (usually unregulated) is 13 watts
13 volts x 1 amp = 13 watts
15 volts x 0.866 amp = 13 watts
17 volts x 0.764 amp = 13 watts

Get the picture, there is some loss due to circuitry and components but the rest is fact. Club captains should decide if the extra volts are legal seeing as the playing field is supposed to be level!! or will we be bringing our own cars, controllers AND power supplies in the future!!
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1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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