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controller mods

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what modifications are there to do with a parma controller? what are these mysterious "black boxes" that i hear of? where can i find circuit diagrams?

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Julius the slot -tech controller has an external capacitor and will only give a boost on un regulated psu's the main advantage to fitting a capacitor is smoothing ,it helps the motor run cool and levels off the power ,Some years ago I used to sell super charger chips through Pendle slot these were merely an electrolitic capacitor in a small package which when placed across the motor connections gave a small boost to the car ,quite effective to the scx motors and the s cans we ran back then.
Julius believe me there is no power boost in the slot -tech controler other than the cap .The only difference between the circuit I have on my site and the way jim makes his controler is that jim steps his variable resistance up ,mine reduces,the use of external power sources was banned in the uk over 30 yrs ago and the only power source to be used is the tracks own supply . there are a lot of other ways to go fast before you need to increase voltage ,the main reasonI introduced caps into our controllers was purely to safeguard he motors when we raced on un smoothed psu's the boost gained is merely a bi product , The only time I use the cap is when I race at wrexham or north staffs where they use stock scaley psu's .Wrexham have now replaced there psu with a full wave rectified & smoothed one so the cap is now useless there but the motors will now run cooler.
julius just get a 1000 mf electrolitic cap 25 v rated and put it across a scaley psu see for you self , there is no magic chip inside a slot - tech controller , all it does is smooth the psu if you dont believe me buy one in sure jim would thank you for the money.I have been building electronic controllers for 35 yrs trust me on this one . Currently the slot tech controler come with the ninco plug in which is just a cap in a box.The purpose of a capacitor in a regulated power supply is to smooth out the dc giving an even supply if say you have an un smoothed supply the cap will level it out a couple of volts higher than its original out put, with a low amp motor such asthe ones we use you will feel a difference in performance , on the higher powered stuff i,e super 16ds and cobalt motors its not as noticable as the amperage that these motors require is not there in a small transformer such as supplied by scaley /carrera / scx etc. Jims claims for his controller are not by any means exagerated or misleading ask any one who has one its just a well put together brake and resistance box with an aditional capacitor for smoothing nothing more nothing less . I think you are unintentionaly reading more into the sales pitch than was intended .The use of booster circuits in the real sense of the word is not in my opinion a good path to follow I have seen batterys used for this and it is quite easy to achieve a serious boost by going down his path , but most of the dc voltage doubler ics on the market only supply milli amps and will probably only reduce the performance of your motor as the current is simply not available to run them ,your money would be better spent on a car which handles well your lap times will be better with a drivable car rather than something which attains warp speed and then cant stop.
Read my april 1st article on the field effect car youll probably want one of those too
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a Bill ,the main reason for the cap as I mentioned was purley to compensate for the poor power supplys on scalex type tracks the power bost came secondary as a byproduct . ecra/brsca banned the use of external power sources in this country years ago so certainly for those events governed by them then devices like this would be deemed illegal or certainly borderline, however most of the events publicised on this forum are not sanctioned by said association so the rule doesnt apply and it is down to the individual event orginisers to decide as to the legality. As pendle has battery power and preston a regulated supply sutch devices are useless and besides todays motors offer enough performance for non mag racing and if they didnt I m sure I could rewind one to a level that did .
I wish that all tracks we race on had good psus's but unfortunatly a lot of track builders have only minimal knowledge of electrical instalation and dont always follow the brsca standard wiring that has been used in this country for 40 yrs .so I feel the cap offers a good safe option which can be used to protect your expensive racers
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QUOTE if we want to have a car battery attached to the throttle we can!

Dont bring it to Pendle Rob with out your own personal firewall and a cheque to pay for the damage you cause when its connected.(incorrectly)
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