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controller mods

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what modifications are there to do with a parma controller? what are these mysterious "black boxes" that i hear of? where can i find circuit diagrams?

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I understand that Microsoft are working on some controller upgrade chips.

Picture courtesy of Old Weird Herald

Kind regards

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can we delay the start of the race please... I need to re-boot my controller!

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I was under the impression that you weren't allowed to boost voltage. You had to use the track power 'as is'. Here you guys are talking about filtering your power supply via caps in the car or controller and there was even a mention of manipulating the voltage? Isn't this illegal in slot car racing?

I can see where racers might want to use capacitors to keep their motors alive if they are racing with a dodgy power supply but I'd have to dump that right back in the track owners lap and have them replace the power supply or install capacitors after the power supply so the racers don't have to.
a Bill,

I race in a series where we have pretty much thrown the rules out the window. if we want to run a row of caps we can do, if we want to have a car battery attached to the throttle we can!

a Bill ,the main reason for the cap as I mentioned was purley to compensate for the poor power supplys on scalex type tracks the power bost came secondary as a byproduct . ecra/brsca banned the use of external power sources in this country years ago so certainly for those events governed by them then devices like this would be deemed illegal or certainly borderline, however most of the events publicised on this forum are not sanctioned by said association so the rule doesnt apply and it is down to the individual event orginisers to decide as to the legality. As pendle has battery power and preston a regulated supply sutch devices are useless and besides todays motors offer enough performance for non mag racing and if they didnt I m sure I could rewind one to a level that did .
I wish that all tracks we race on had good psus's but unfortunatly a lot of track builders have only minimal knowledge of electrical instalation and dont always follow the brsca standard wiring that has been used in this country for 40 yrs .so I feel the cap offers a good safe option which can be used to protect your expensive racers
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QUOTE if we want to have a car battery attached to the throttle we can!

Dont bring it to Pendle Rob with out your own personal firewall and a cheque to pay for the damage you cause when its connected.(incorrectly)
I guess I just live in a different area so things are different here
I understand why you'd want capacitors with a home set but a decent power supply isn't that expensive anymore. Kind of odd that some people have no problem spending a lot of money on two cars but won't buy a decent power supply that only costs about what two cars cost. Perhaps since I race and have nothing to do with collecting, my perspective is different. If I need to run capacitors to save my motors on a track, I won't waste my time and money racing there.

Today I can buy a better power supply than I made four years ago for less money and it specs out better.
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Totally illegal electronic turbo finished, have a look:

My illegal power booster !

Ahhh, Juliusssssss! You are nowwww fully consumed by the Dark Side of ssssslot racinggg!

Looks good to me. I'd like to try one of those dohickeys
incorporating The Fear® technology.

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Mmmm... Dark Side - so tempting.... But seriously! One of the reasons I came back to Slothobby is that I can combine it with my electronics-hobby.


Those schematics coming up, I am willing to share.

Added braking feature this morning, now I'm able to descelerate from warp speed to regular speed.
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I have a friend and he done a controller with separated brake control this system reduced lap time in a awesome half second...

I brainstorming now with a electronic controller with a palmtop for brain (it emulates every flavour of custom chip) with a power curve on screen this curve can be modified for more brake, brake proportionalism , acceleration curve.

The controller itself lack of trigger, it uses a glove, and simply swinging the finger the car rev and brake (a secon finger can modify the accel curve and a third can handle a brake).

With the other hand you can input additional data in the computer located in the wirst. (or put on the auto pilot if you want to take a leak)
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