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Controller question

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I suppose this is nearer to a "track" topic than a "car" topic.

I'm a newbie, so if this is really basic you'll understand. What does the different ohm rating on controllers indicate? I know, it's ohms.
LOL. But... is a 45 ohm controller better than a 30 ohm? Does a higher ohm rating confer finer control -- a smaller movement of the trigger for a given amount of input to the car? What's up with those ohms?

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Hi Mike,

I've just answered you on Slot list but I thought I'd post it here as well.

I'm no expert but it's all to do with the resistance of the windings of the
motor. A powerful motor has thicker wire and less resistance so it will need
a lower ohm controller, it will also draw more current. If you race a
variety of motors you might need several controllers. There are electronic
controllers on the market that will cope with all motors but they are
expensive but perhaps cheaper than several others. They generally give finer

Hope this helps,


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