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Controller question

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I suppose this is nearer to a "track" topic than a "car" topic.

I'm a newbie, so if this is really basic you'll understand. What does the different ohm rating on controllers indicate? I know, it's ohms.
LOL. But... is a 45 ohm controller better than a 30 ohm? Does a higher ohm rating confer finer control -- a smaller movement of the trigger for a given amount of input to the car? What's up with those ohms?

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QUOTE (Tropi @ 12 Oct 2004, 14:50)ruhdwulf

You might find this simplified explanation helpful - I hope so!

Controllers and ohms
Please read all of that topic, as there are several other explanations and you may find the others more helpful still. Between them, hopefully, something will make sense to you.

Happy reading!


Thanks John and thanks Tropi.
The post you linked to was excellent Tropi.
If this were "My Fair Lady" at this point someone would start singing, "By George, I think he's got it!" Fortunately for us, it's not.

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