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Hi Swissracer
what were the favorite controllers chosen by the different teams (Spanish, Italian, German) racing last week end Verbano 24h's?
What was Maurizio from (the winning team) using ?
Did you pick up any special tune up secrets for those Porsches everybody was racing?
Come on dish it out


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Controllers I saw in use:
Proffessor Motor economy, MB Slot Electronic, NSR Electronic, German Nezih's (yes Mope' they had the dark and scorcerous black boxes attached!), Parma Ecos, and a couple of home made jobs, none had earphones this time
but I think the MB Slot ones were predominant and Slot.Its choice of control.

Set up of the Porsches varied and changed during the race for some Teams (Nico?
), more in the write up of the Event.
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