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anyone know some websites that sell good controllers?

any help is appreciated

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Used a Parma 45 Ohm Pro grip since I've started, and only recently busted my spring (wanted a softer one anyway)... is where I got mine from:

NB: Avoid the Turbo EC... While the idea is good (brillient in fact), it has been known to make you jump the lights and give false starts at my local track.

It also just doesn't *feel* right to me... But go to your local race track and ask everyone if you can try their ones so you get a feel of what's confortable for YOU...
QUOTE im thinking of upgrading to turbo (resistor) is it worth it?

WTF is a 'turbo' resistor? Or do you mean Professional resistor?

If you mean a professional resistor: My *understanding* is it is just better at heat dispursal. It's only worth the upgrade if you are running Heavy mags, OR often have the throttle hovering between min and max, OR race in endurance or >1 hour stints.

Then again, it may be more reliable in the long run??? I would say however if you already have a controller you are confortable with, it's not worth upgrading/changing until something goes wrong with it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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