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· Allan Wakefield
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As a beginning to an article on Controllers I would like to glean information on the various types out there, can anyone add to this list of manufacturers of controllers suitable for 1/32 scale tracks?

Professor Motor
Red Fox - Do they have a website?

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Ruddock Controllers
  • Designed For ALL Types Of Slot Car Racing, ALL Types Of Slot Cars, On ALL Types Of Slot Car Tracks !!
  • Transistorized Architecture Eliminates Arcing And Pitting For The Smoothest Trigger Action Possible
  • Lightweight Handle Engineered For Low Fatigue Racing
  • Wide Range Of Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Circuit Board Frame With Integrated Contact Block Ensures Accurate Alignment
  • Fully Fused For Maximum Reliability
  • Generous Heat Sinks For Maximum Dissipation
  • Preferred Choice Of Top Racers Worldwide Since 1993
IMO Ruddock controllers are the best that money can buy. Mine's a DR-40 Standard Base Model ($242.75). I've used it on commercial tracks (1/24), HO and 1/32 by just dialing in the sensitivity and brakes rather than having to set diodes.

SCD Make Controllers (01274 682120) Great Britain. I have used the same eletronic hand controller since 1988 when it was sent to me as a sample to write about, for H.O. 1/32 1/24 and rail. :)


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Hummn! This is odd! Nobody in the forum know/use the NSR Ellectronico? This is an electronic controler produce in Italy with Parma pieces. It have interchangeable chips for slow cars (with NC-1 motors) and fast cars (like the Plaffits).

I use a Parma controllers (35, 25 and 15 Ohm) but I replace these with the electronic.

See you!

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I use the NSR Electronic controller; it is very smooth in operation and the various chips enable the control of cars with variable power easily.
I also have the Parma Turbo plus, another elecrtronic controller, bought from Pendleslot, and I believe it also is a good choice; it was tested in the last issue of Mas slot international.
Ciao from Italy

· Russell Sheldon
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I agree. Professor Motor controllers certainly represent excellent value for money, but if you are a serious racer with a sizeable budget and are looking for a top of the line controller to handle any car from Scalextric to Group 12, the SlotWiz is the best controller on the market today.

I have a DiFalco, a Ruddock, an old Omni, and a couple of PM's, and the SlotWiz is clearly the best. I've also used NSR and various Czech made controllers.

I recently sent one to Maurizio Ferrari (unfortunately not in time for him to use in the Verbano 24H) and look forward to his feedback when he gets back from vacation. He is after all an electronics engineer!

With kind regards

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