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As a beginning to an article on Controllers I would like to glean information on the various types out there, can anyone add to this list of manufacturers of controllers suitable for 1/32 scale tracks?

Professor Motor
Red Fox - Do they have a website?
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If you want to spend some real money look at a Difalco. I think it would be overkill for a 1/32nd.
Recently I bought a new Difalco controller that is designed for 1/32nd non-magnet racing. The controller has fifteen adjustable bands as opposed to ten on my older Difalco. The new controller has the usual sensitivity and brake adjustments plus an added choke control to tame those overpowered cars. The transistor heat sink is much smaller than the one on my older controller. It is always a good thing if you can try out a controller before you buy it. Besides lowering your lap times you would want a new controller to feel comfortable in your hand. Robust construction can also be important. It can spoil your whole evening if your controller fails during a race.
The Parma EC controllers use a very complex circuit and they proved to be unreliable. Most people liked them when they were working, I believe. Parma took the controllers off the market and they were supposed to fix the reliability issue, but that never happened.
1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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