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As a beginning to an article on Controllers I would like to glean information on the various types out there, can anyone add to this list of manufacturers of controllers suitable for 1/32 scale tracks?

Professor Motor
Red Fox - Do they have a website?
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I use a Ruddock and don't think that it's over kill at all! But then I have expensive tastes.
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Ruddock Controllers
  • Designed For ALL Types Of Slot Car Racing, ALL Types Of Slot Cars, On ALL Types Of Slot Car Tracks !!
  • Transistorized Architecture Eliminates Arcing And Pitting For The Smoothest Trigger Action Possible
  • Lightweight Handle Engineered For Low Fatigue Racing
  • Wide Range Of Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Circuit Board Frame With Integrated Contact Block Ensures Accurate Alignment
  • Fully Fused For Maximum Reliability
  • Generous Heat Sinks For Maximum Dissipation
  • Preferred Choice Of Top Racers Worldwide Since 1993
IMO Ruddock controllers are the best that money can buy. Mine's a DR-40 Standard Base Model ($242.75). I've used it on commercial tracks (1/24), HO and 1/32 by just dialing in the sensitivity and brakes rather than having to set diodes.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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