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As a beginning to an article on Controllers I would like to glean information on the various types out there, can anyone add to this list of manufacturers of controllers suitable for 1/32 scale tracks?

Professor Motor
Red Fox - Do they have a website?
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I agree. Professor Motor controllers certainly represent excellent value for money, but if you are a serious racer with a sizeable budget and are looking for a top of the line controller to handle any car from Scalextric to Group 12, the SlotWiz is the best controller on the market today.

I have a DiFalco, a Ruddock, an old Omni, and a couple of PM's, and the SlotWiz is clearly the best. I've also used NSR and various Czech made controllers.

I recently sent one to Maurizio Ferrari (unfortunately not in time for him to use in the Verbano 24H) and look forward to his feedback when he gets back from vacation. He is after all an electronics engineer!

With kind regards

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1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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