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I'm wanting to buy a 4wd car with the specific intention of fitting a land-rover (series III) body and converting it to digital. There seem to be few different manufacturers doing 4wd cars - but which will be the easiest to convert to digital?
Bear in mind, a LR has zero overhang at the front - so fitting in the guide blade and drive to the front wheels could be hard

The only one I've seen in the flesh is an SCX Porsche 959 where the motor shaft exits at both ends - fitting the sensor under the shaft would be a real pain, but possible

Any thoughts or suggestions on which donor vehicle to use?

How easy is it to custom make a chassis for this kind of thing? This might be the only way I'll get proper ground clearance. It's going to be an old landrover - I don't expect it to be as quick as an of the shelf car. I won't be fitting magnets, or anything like that, and if it gets a bit of bodyroll round the corners - that's just realism. The main thing for me is that it has to be a vaguely realistic model ( wheels are a concern) and it must be 4x4.

I've got an airfix kit lined up to donate the upper body. although I'm on the look out for a die-cast one of the right size - it should give the correct speed/cornering crashing abilities!


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