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First, I am using this system for 1/24 scale European Plafit Championship type cars -- I need an aftermarket power supply. I am attempting to convert a Scalextric "Pacer" to Carrera track. Yes, I have read the SCI article. But I am wondering whether it is possible to use an MRC 260 (which has an AC output) or any other aftermarket power supply, to power the Pacer unit.

Also, does anyone know whether the Carrera Pro-X system can be made to operate like the Pacer system (which simply records voltages around the track); i.e., can it be made to repeat a human's run around the track rather than run at a constant voltage?

I have considered using Carrera Pro-X with an aftermarket power supply to one lane of a two lane track (to run a ghost car on my existing layout), but anticipate the following:

I have read Darainbow's post about aftermarket power supplies, and visited his website, but I have the following question: Can I simply remove the lane changes and wire only one lane Carrera Pro-X (I want a race challenger, lane changing can be sacrificed) -- I want to use only one lane Carrera Pro-X because I do not want to use the Pro-X Controller. Alternatively, has anyone upgraded the Pro-X controller?
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