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QUOTE More seriously though, WTF is it? Looks like a badge maker... are you branching out?
No,not branching out,it's a Staking tool,generaly used in the clock/watchmaking shops to Stake Bearings into watch and clock plates.

But,it also has 101 other uses,and with the addition of various and sundry parts and pieces,it's uses are endless.It can perform embossing,such as puting rivit detail into thin plastic/brass/aluminum sheet.You can set miniature rivits,it can be adapted to take letter and number stamps.

One of the main things I intend to do with this is make a miniature drilling attatchment to go on it for real small drills,under 1/16 inch.

I have been looking for one of these for many years.It was a great find,and very cheap.A friend of mine had two complete tools for his Eyeglass shop and needed a specially made Anvil for his regular one.In trade for making iy foir him,he gave me the one he didn't use.
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