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cooper challenge round seven

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Minis round seven 29/08/14 the snake 2 track was used I thought it seems to suit the minis quite well. We had a slightly down turn out but still a good night. Number time 19 total races 14 drivers 14 qualifying heats 5 finals 7 seconds was the racing pace to be at many under this time Nigel recorded lap record 6.405 seconds and race time 2 minutes 49.885 seconds. 8 qualifying points upward B-A finals 7 points down C-E finals Nigel took pole position with 11 out of 12 points top five results
1st Nigel impact cooper
2nd Ralph impact cooper
3rd terry cooper
4th Jim cooper
5th carl cooper
top junior was Sam g runner up Kyle for round eight the club would like the cars to be put back to standard specification please . Great job by the racing control team banging through the races swiftly.massive thanks to Shelia on refreshments you are very very very much appreciated by all. Big thanks to all who came in and raced Anglia slot racing the home of slotty banter and interchangeable fast tracks.....
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