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Okay, a bit of personal observation to set the record straight.

I've owned (and still do own) Corvairs for a long, long time. Spent a number of years campaigning a prepped '66 coupe in autocross and minor roadracing events.

A stock 1965 Corvair (the first year of the big restyle, and more importantly, the first year without the damned swing axles) would, by GM's own numbers, out handle their flagship Corvette. The 'vette would eat it up on a long course, but in the twisties, the Corvair would run away and hide easily. I was actually "invited" not to return to a Corvette club autocross once, as I apparently had embarrased their heros by setting fast time of day on my first pass.

Currently in the garage is a rust free '65 Corsa convertible, factory turbocharged. (one of about 1800) I've owned it for about 17 years. Has about 64k miles on it, and I have finished a complete mechanical restoration. (leaving NO part untouched) Currently totally stripped, media blasted, primered, and awaiting me to save enough money for paint.

Anyway, they are a personal favorite, as you can imagine, and I'll have several with me in vegas this weekend.

Kind Regards,

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