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Corvette SS 1957 Sebring, Fitch/Tarruffi

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I wanted to post some photos of the Corvette SS, 1957, that was raced at Sebring that year. John Fitch and Piero Tarruffi drove, although John Fitch never got the chance as the car dropped out with suspension issues. Zora Arkus-Duntov was the inspiration behind the project. The original intent was to race the car at LeMans. Unfortunately, all of the American automobile manufacturers dropped out of racing just at this time. So Sebring was its only appearance. A shame!

The master was done by Martin Field with some help from Howard Frank. John Warren did the casting of the shell, inserts, etc. Lovely work. If you PM me, I can let you know about cost/postage, etc. I mounted it on an MRRC Sebring chassis, but there is enough room for different chassis. (The kit comes with resin shell, etc, but without decals.) It is a striking car. One wonders what would have happened if GM had continued racing and if there would have been an earlier victor at LeMans before Ford?!

Thanks, all my very best,


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Lovely model Charles. Thanks for posting - I didn't know the story of the SS.

Nice work, Charles.

It is great to see a finished model to correct colour and detail.

Martin Field did an excellent job on the master.

Apparently the master languished for a while with another caster who proclaimed it uncastable due I think to the numerous louvres and other details.

I was really pleased with how it came out of the mould.





If you are keen on a kit please make contact with Charles or myself.....I know his prices are very reasonable for what is a quality body kit.
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Thanks for posting the pictures John! The body has a lot of fine detail and John did a great job (as always) with the final casting. And yes, please contact either of us for resin kits!
Beautiful car. I think I might treat myself to another Munter Uber Cast.
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My apologies .. it is Piero Taruffi ... one "r" ! Thanks for the likes, etc.!
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