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Hi Martin

I think slot racing can be relatively cheap, but it just depends on premises costs and the classes you run really.

We are very lucky at the moment that we have low premises costs, and so we charge £2 per Thursday night's racing per member (free for first-timers). Tea and coffee are currently free of charge. Annual membership is £20. Turn-out is about 10 on a bad night and 16-17 on a busy night.

A premises move may force us to increase these at some point, but at present we are trying to build up a balance to fund a track extension and improvements and the purchase of a few club cars / controllers, whilst not making it too expensive to acquire cars.

Excluding the scratch-built classes, you need a minimum of about 5 cars to cover all other classes. HPI Nissans were about £15 to £20, Escorts Mk II's about £15/£16 and most people already had a Sports/GT car and a saloon, so it wasn't terribly expensive to begin with.

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