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Hi all.

I have this cox chassis,but being a triang scalextric nut.I do not know much about it.

It's probably common as muck but it is a nicely put together thing.

And i'm now beginning to like it.

Can anyone shed any light?

Year,model,motor etc

I would imagine it is for an f1 type car given the thin track and suspension detail around the front axle.

Brm or similar,?

It looks in great condition,magnesium chassis and wheels?

Thanks for having a look,here's some pics

Not too sure what to do with it,i like my cars with bodies,are the shells now expensive?

Thanks for any advice or comments.


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Standard Cox 1/32 scale Ford GT chassis.

Looks to be very complete and original. It is the second generation one with the Nyl;on bushes in the rear axle and the later oval hole motor.

Nice find.

You can put that under most slot car or model car bodies in 1/32 scale.

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Hi Al,
Not that it is important, but actually, it is a rare version (last edition) of the Cheetah chassis molded of aluminum instead of magnesium. The Ford GT was never issued in the "series 2" configuration with the can-side drive chassis and motor, only with the "series 1" and the TTX100 endbell-side drive motor, both in kit and RTR forms, in 1965 only.
The aluminum chassis was only available in the last Cheetah kits (1968) using the NASCAR 3600 motor manufactured in Hong Kong, while earlier versions of the kit and RTR model (issued in 1966) used a magnesium chassis and the TTX150 motor (Mabuchi FT16D) fitted with a very short pinion shaft. At the time the aluminum chassis was produced, the Ford GT kits and RTR had not been manufactured for nearly 2 years, but were still available from ever mounting unsold stocks.

However, this particular chassis as shown was assembled using a Ford GT magnesium drop arm that is longer than that of the Cheetahj, meaning that at one time, the owner possibly found out that the handling was quite improved with the longer drop arm, whatever body was used. The wheels come from the Ford GT but were available separately, so likely the rarer American Mags were lifted from this car and used for a worthwhile project.

This aluminum chassis (the only such animal in the Cox line ever) was never available separately but the Ford drop-arm sure was. The guide is from a "series 1" car as the aluminum chassis Cheetah only came with a Cox "Quick-Change" guide.
Means to me that this was put together from various bits... possibly a mix of an earlier Ford car with that Cheetah kit bits.

Either way it's all good.
Delidubz, by the way, it is in the 1/32 scale, not 1/24th!

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Very interesting.I stand corrected on the scale.

It was the only cox car in the box of bits i acquired.

There was several other chassis bits and pieces,none from this car but this was the only complete chassis.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to reply

As usual a wealth of information from you guys.

Is it worth adding a couple of pics of the other bits?
I have seen what i have before but again i havent a clue what they are...

Thanks again to you both.
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