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Cox Resto Mod / Chaparral 2C

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Hi guys!
Here is a recent project; I modded a 1/24 COX Chaparral 2A into my favorite, a Chaparral 2C. I used aluminum sheet for airfoils. Installing them into slots makes them very durable. The COX driver is too big for the car, so I swapped him out for a better sized one from the parts box. Also included, right and left interior consoles including auto shifter. Thanks to Brad Blohm for the excellent repro windshield And Bruno from Slot Car Tyres for the amazing tires!
Here is a video series about it, if interested.

All the best,

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Here are some work-in-progress images showing the interior. A pin was used to make a shifter. You can see the previous damage to the body from fifty years ago…this was quite a project!

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