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Good Evening Gentlemen
I have been following the topic on the History of Middlesbrough and other North East Clubs and it has jolted my memory of these cars I picked up a while ago so I wandered if anyone could shed some light on these Trophies or the clubs they came from, First we have 3 1/24 scale Merit Grand Prix cars 2 marked for Craven Park Grand Prix 1 1965 and the other 1966

The third Merit car is Marked Town and Country Grand Prix and 1966 on the cars tail, interestingly all this is written around a very nice Wrenn Formula 152 decal which is a lot bigger than a Wrenn car

The fourth car I have is a 1/32 Airfix Vanwall on a plinth which is marked 2nd Grovehill Park Grand Prix 1967

I have heard of Craven Park and I am pretty sure there was an article on the club in 1 of the Model Roads and racing magazines with a few pictures of their layout and cars which if I remeber correctly was exclusively for Wrenn 152 cars, but I have never come across any mention of the Grovehill Park club any information on either the trophies or the clubs they were from. I suppose now I will have to renovate the cars it is handy that I have a load of Merit spares
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